Him and Her Forever!  Happy Valentines Day from us at

Him and Her Forever!  Happy Valentines Day from us at

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Wristwatches; “Uncomfortable hunk of metal”, or a Tradition that Bridges the Generations.

Parents have many traditions that they wish to hand down to their children.  One such tradition is a father handing down a wristwatch to his son.  I am not sure if it is the glitz of the watch itself or the understanding that the son is transitioning to manhood, but it is a rite of passage that spans time. 

Every father and son that has gone through this feels differently about it, but one thing holds true, it is a tradition that spans multiple generations.  Usually the watch handed down is the same watch that has been in the family for generations.  The same watch that made it thru wars, hard times or sickness.  Watches that still keeps the correct time, but when you look at it you think of playing catch, a camping trip or the memory of your father. 

A perfect example of this tradition is that of Bruce Willis’ character in Pulp Fiction.  Christopher Walkens’ character comes into the living room and explains to a young Butch just what was needed to endure in order to get Butch his birthright.  Then later, all that viewed the movie know what Butch put himself through to get his dads watch.  He was not going to leave it behind.

Even though it was a Hollywood portrayal of this powerful tradition, those whom have gone through this right of passage feel the sentiment.  For those whom have not, it is never too late to start any tradition.  Never too late to be the first in a long line of generations that passes your wristwatch from father to son to father to son…

For a business man, changing a tie can add a new element to a suit.  Changing between a leather band and a stainless band, on a dress watch, holds to the same power.  New designs with new materials add multiple options to ones closet and attitude.

Same Suit, Same Tie, Nice Watch!

In the professional world it is sometimes hard, for a man, to stand out and be an individual.  Everyone around has the same cookie cutter suit with that little glimpse of individuality, the tie.  So what can a professional man in today’s business world do to show style and independence while still staying within the mainstream grid of an acceptable appearance?  Ask them what time it is and you’ll see.

Just as picking out a tie that holds true to your inner rebel and personal freedom, choosing a dress watch with style and class adds the same inner feeling of, “I am an individual!”  Like the tie, your choice of timepiece is yours and yours alone.  It’s a choice that you get to make for yourself, just as much as it is for proclaiming who you are to others you meet. 

Another great feature of this subtle show of individuality is that it can change with your mood or wardrobe choice.  Just as you have different ties for different moods, so to can you have a different watch for how you feel or wish to look.  Maybe you’re feeling like subtle sophistication, so you choose a watch with a black dial, stainless steel case and a black alligator band.  Maybe you feel like not being subtle at all, and wish to show off to your coworkers, in which case you choose a silver watch with a silver dial and a silver band.  How can they miss that “Bling” protruding out from underneath the drab blue sleeve of your suit? 

Either way you look at it we are all individuals on this planet.  It just seems that some stick out further than others.  It’s your choice how far you stick out and how you do it.  However, adding a simple accessory, like a dress watch, to your everyday look could be a good start.  But hey, “Time will only tell.”


The Social Implications of a Quality Dress Watch.

Everyone, whether it is from TV or around town, has, at one time or another caught a glimpse of a dress watch that stands out.  Maybe it was for a minute, in passing, or maybe you even asked the person what kind of dress watch it was.  Regardless of where you saw it, you have to ask yourself, did that dress watch make you think more or less of the individual wearing it?

 I feel that the answer is, unequivocally, “Yes”.  Just as a great smile, a well groomed hairdo or the outfit you picked out for the day has bearing on how your peers perceive you, so to does a great looking dress watch.  Let’s face it, we all do things to ourselves to improve our self esteem in public.  Why not add a simple accessory that boosts your confidence and stature as well.  The simple addition of a dress watch goes a long way.

The Invicta-1487:  Subtle style that still has pizzazz.  A dress watch that will accent any outfit with class

The Invicta-1487:  Subtle style that still has pizzazz.  A dress watch that will accent any outfit with class

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